Manchester United fans furious at disappointing Wayne Rooney performance

by Tanveer Arayan

Manchester United fans were furious with Wayne Rooney after his disappointing performance against Hull City.

The Englishman received a strong backing from Jose Mourinho ahead of the 2016/17 campaign but has struggled to win over supporters.

Whether it was his sloppy possession, his inability to control the ball or the fact that he weakened most attacking runs, Rooney has struggled leave his mark on the side. Even though he stepper up and provided Marcus Rashford with the late-winner many believe it didn’t make up for his lacklustre showing.

Here’s what fans on Twitter had to say.

When you looking at the staring XI, dropping Henrikh Mkhitaryan into Rooney’s position on the squad would turn us into a seriously ruthless side.

However, Mourinho still has plenty of belief in the Englishman and he’ll continue to occupy a space on the side whether he performs well or not.

Rooney starting in the No.10 tole will continue to handicap United this season as he enters terminal decline and hopes are Mourinho provides him with some competition for his spot on the side to get the best out of him moving forward.

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