Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Marcus Rashford’s time will come at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic insists there will come a time when Marcus Rashford will take over everything.

The Englishman’s quickly burst onto the scene last season at Old Trafford, with his spectacular performances for Man United catapulting him into England’s Euro 2016 squad.

He came on at half-time against Man City and had a goal ruled out for offside after it hit Ibrahimovic on the way in.

Speaking about his development, the Swede claims he has plenty of time to become a top player.

“First of all, he’s 18, he’s still young. He has a lot of time,” Ibrahimovic told MUTV.

“I think the way you have to approach a player like that, where everyone is talking about the talent and what he’s able to do and what kind of potential he has, is to remember he still has a lot of time.

“It’s not like he needs to take over the world today, the club knows that, the coach knows that and the team knows that.

“We know his quality and what he’s able to do. What the world is seeing now, we already know because we see it every day. There is no need to rush to push him and put him in the heat zone and put a lot of pressure on him because that can have the opposite effect. Time by time, he will take over everything. It’s about having patience.

“I’ll help him every day, him and all the others, in any way I can. I’m happy it gives an effect but, even if I was not here, they would still do good.”

While he may be upset he isn’t receiving as much game-time as he would have last season under Louis van Gaal, Rashford has the opportunity to learn from one of the best strikers in the world.

He has a sensible head on his shoulders and will be patient for his chances, but learning from Zlatan will be remarkable in terms of his development.

Rashford has continued to knock down expectations of himself since his debut and it’s only going to get better with the Swede willing to coach him.

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