Gary Neville: Manchester derby defeat has dented Jose Mourinho’s confidence

by Abhishek Chaudhuri

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville feels the club’s 2-1 loss to Manchester City has damaged Jose Mourinho‘s confidence.

Mourinho shares an infamous rivalry with Pep Guardiola after their time together in La Liga as the pair share the desire to outperform the other.

The Portuguese boss has won silverware at every club he has managed and has made his intentions to win the title clear since taking over at Old Trafford.

Speaking about the Mourinho, Neville claims the loss would have shaken his confidence.

“For Pep Guardiola and City, it’s a big day. To come and win against a Jose Mourinho team is tough. He doesn’t lose many games at home and it’s a big, big moment,” he said.

Jose Mourinho will be dented tonight, damaged slightly. He’s a man of great pride, but they’ll respond, it’s still early days, and it doesn’t tell us about the league title and where it’s going.

“Many predicted a draw, but it was absolutely nothing like I expected. It was the game you would have dreamt of in terms of end-to-end, punch-for-punch, both managers having to make substitutes and having to retreat. It really has been a wonderful occasion.”

Mourinho is ambitious, but it’s exactly what we need at Old Trafford, the winning mentality Jose brings with him is remarkable and a significant upgrade on the likes of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal.

His choice to start Jesse Lingard and Henrikh Mkhitaryan was questionable after neither had started this season and it resulted in the club’s first loss of the campaign so far.

They were put up to the test against City and although they came out behind, Mourinho now knows what he must improve on for next time.

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