Pepe: Jose Mourinho created a culture of hatred against Real Madrid

by Leo Nieboer

Real Madrid defender Pepe claims Jose Mourinho’s presence at the Bernabeu generated a culture of hatred towards the Spanish side.

The 53-year-old won the La Liga title and the Copa Del Rey during his three year stint at Madrid.

Mourinho eventually parted ways with Los Blancos after a season littered with feuds and controversy, ending in defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Copa Del Rey final.

Reflecting on those three years, Pepe criticised Mourinho for the way he created a culture of hatred at Madrid.

“Under Mourinho, people hated us when we got out there on the pitch,” he said.

“It lasted three years and thank God it went very quick.

“Things changed when Carlo Ancelotti came in, you could see people started treating us different again.”

Since when was cultivating hatred amongst your rivals a bad thing?

The tactic of evincing hatred from rival clubs has been deployed with great success by Mourinho down the years. It is, above anything, a form of psychological warfare that causes the opponent to obsess over antipathy rather than game plan, losing that clear vision and concentration required to win a football match. Make no mistake: crossing someone’s wires always leads to dysfunction.

To illustrate, ask yourself this: a game of chess takes place between someone with a calm, concentrated mindset and someone who hates – absolutely despises – their opponent. Who would come out victorious?

Indeed, rattling the cages of rivals and generating that siege mentality was a popular modus operandi for the great man himself – Sir Alex Ferguson, and Manchester United fans would welcome its return under Mourinho.

No surprise that Pepe, the king of melodrama in today’s game, didn’t like the idea of being disliked by other clubs.

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