Jose Mourinho reacts to Man United’s 3-1 defeat to Watford

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho remains unconcerned about Manchester United’s form but is clearly unhappy with the current level of performances from the players.

Man United sunk to their third consecutive defeat with a 3-1 loss to Watford and real questions are beginning to get asked about what Mourinho is doing at the moment.

Despite the added scrutiny, Mourinho pointed towards an improved second half performance but managed to hold his tongue when talking about Michael Oliver and his decisions.

Speaking to BT Sport after the game, he said: “I’m always concerned when we don’t get the result we want so that’s an obvious situation.

“I think no debate. I think no controversy. I think that is an obvious situation, like it was obvious last week against Man City but it’s something I cannot control and I can’t even be critical.

“Not really (happy with tempo). In the first half for about 25, 30 minutes we didn’t play well and that’s something that we can control. We can work and improve on it, the referee and linesman mistake is not under my control. I can’t do nothing to improve it.

“In the second half we were much better, we get the draw (level), Gomes makes a phenomenal save and the lucky moment is something we cannot control. That second goal is an individual mistake because we know we have to press the wing-backs outside the box and not let them take the advantage of being one against one inside the box.

“Our individual and collective performances is where we have to improve.”

The game against Northampton Town on Wednesday night now takes on some unnecessary importance after a shambles of a week for United. God forbid but lose that game and there will be an explosive reaction inside and outside of the club.

United started off the season well with three wins on the bounce but having wobbled against City, fallen over at Feyenoord and crumbles away to Watford, criticism of United under Mourinho is becoming fierce and growing in intensity.

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