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Paul Scholes urges Jose Mourinho to drop Marouane Fellaini at Man United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes believes Marouane Fellaini should be dropped from Jose Mourinho‘s starting XI in the interest of deploying a more fully rounded midfielder.

Mourinho deployed Fellaini at the base of a midfield triumvirate with Paul Pogba and Wayne Rooney, leading to a lack of defensive firmness and control in the first half.

Speaking on BT Sport, Scholes called for Fellaini’s omission, stating that Man United’s midfield requires more control and tempo.

“I thought Fellaini was alright today; he does a job in there,” Scholes said.  

“But I think that if you are Manchester United, you need more than that.

“You need someone who can stop the play as well, someone who can stop the opposition but who is capable of controlling a game of football as well, playing forward and passing forward. I can’t understand why Michael Carrick is here.

“He looked like he was leaving last year and he’s not been involved for a minute this season. What he has done, I don’t know. Schweinsteiger he is not keen on either.

“I just think that they need to get a playmaker in there. At the end of the day, you are Manchester United and you are coming to Watford. You’re not going to Arsenal!”

United’s sudden decline has been hallmarked, above anything, by a sheer lack of control at the side’s core. Initially unearthed against Manchester City, a failure to instil a mature, calming presence at the base of United’s midfield has precipitated a complete nosedive in form after what was a strong start under Mourinho.

An antidote to this manifest problem could come in the form of Michael Carrick – a perennially assuring presence at the heart of United’s midfield, always able to dictate proceedings and maintain order during turbulent periods.

Such a change would, in turn, enable Paul Pogba – who has been, up to this point, largely stifled by the overly defensive role handed his way – to express himself going forward on a regular basis (something all United fans would love to see).

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