Jose Mourinho refuses to praise Man United’s Michael Carrick

by Tanveer Arayan

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho refused to praise Michael Carrick when asked to comment on his performance.

The Portuguese boss insisted he didn’t want to comment on individuals, which contradicts his public criticism on Luke Shaw last week.

Carrick controlled the game from the midfield after fans and pundits had urged Mourinho to play him alongside Paul Pogba.

Speaking after the game, Mourinho claimed he did not want to single his players out.

“I don’t like talking about individuals, he did fine,” he said.

“Overall the team were in control but it should have been easier as it is against ten men, they should have been down to 10 men.

“We deserve to win clearly, difficult as I was expecting but we were totally in control for first 35 and then last 35.”

It’s odd to hear Mourinho not want to praise Carrick after his spectacular performance even though he was quick to publicly criticise Shaw last week.

A glowing report from the manager could give players like Carrick, who hasn’t featured since the Community Shield the perfect confidence boost moving forward.

United managed to stop their three-game losing streak after tonight’s 3-1 victory and will be hoping to carry the momentum into their Premier League clash against Leicester City.

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