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Diego Forlan: It will take time for Paul Pogba to adjust at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan believes Paul Pogba will require time to acclimatise at Old Trafford.

The Frenchman signed for a world record £89m fee last month, generating unprecedented levels of excitement amongst Man United fans.

However, Pogba has made a tentative start to his second spell at United, often struggling to effectively perform in a defensive midfielder role.

Forlan, who took time to adjust at Old Trafford upon arriving in 2002, believes that the 23-year-old will need time when it comes to settling in under Jose Mourinho.

“It’s difficult to adjust — new manager, some new players,” he said.

“They have some good players and of course you need time for everybody, but unluckily in football, time is not what you have every time.

“I was playing only 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes for the first five months. That makes it difficult for any player in the world to adapt at a new club.

“When I had the opportunity to play more regularly in the next season I started to score goals and play well.”

It is often forgotten that Pogba, unlike most players, didn’t actually have a pre-season ahead of moving to United.

When you realise that the 23-year-old came straight into the squad, without an important month of building up fitness and chemistry with his team-mates, it comes as no surprise that rip-roaring performances haven’t arrived as of yet.

With this in mind, Pogba’s first five games have acted as an informal pre-season – a period of adjustment and building up fitness following an extended post-Euro 2016 break. This is, of course, not how the carnivorous media and swathes of rivals fans see it: instead there is a sizzling, ruthless level of expectation, a demand for instant blockbuster performances.

But as Pogba continues to find his feet, growing in strength and power every day, those currently lambasting the Frenchman will soon be silenced in the coming months.

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