Harry Redknapp: Manchester United’s players aren’t good enough

by Leo Nieboer

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp believes Manchester United don’t have a squad that can challenge for the title.

Jose Mourinho’s side begun the 2016/17 campaign strongly, winning their first four games ahead of the Manchester derby.

But after what was a tumultuous 2-1 defeat at the hands of Pep Guardiola’s side, Man United succumbed to further defeats against Feyenoord and Watford, before stemming the tide with a 3-1 League Cup victory over Northampton Town.

Writing for the London Evening Standard, Redknapp claimed United’s players are simply not good enough to challenge for the title this season.

“Everybody gets carried away with what a manager does but if you haven’t got the players, the job is very difficult,” he said.

“The game is about great players and getting the best out of them. United don’t have as many great players as their neighbours Manchester City, so the task Jose has to win the Premier League title is extremely tough.

“Jose doesn’t know what his best team is yet but at Chelsea — especially during his first time in charge — it picked itself most weeks.”

I’m sure that, this time last year, most people said the same about Leicester City as well. The point being, of course, that following just five Premier League games, it is far too early to make an accurate judgement of Mourinho’s squad.

This is because, unlike Guardiola, Mourinho hasn’t discovered his best XI, and continues to pontificate over where exactly various players should feature. The squad itself – brimming with experience and youthful exuberance in equal measure – is highly promising; once the 53-year-old cultivates his perfect formula, pundits and fans will then be able to accurately judge whether United can challenge for this year’s Premier League crown.

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