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Bastian Schweinsteiger demands £13.8million to leave Man United – report

by Leo Nieboer

Bastian Schweinsteiger has demanded for the remainder of his contract to be paid in full by Manchester United before he leaves Old Trafford, according to reports.

The German midfielder was immediately consigned to the reserves upon Jose Mourinho‘s arrival, who made it clear that the 32-year-old was not part of his plans at Man United.

Schweinsteiger, despite falling into the pits of anonymity at Old Trafford, pledged his allegiance to Mourinho’s side during the transfer window, claiming United would be his last European club.

However, according to Squawka’s Greg Stobart, the German would be prepared to leave if United paid the full extent of his wages.

Schweinsteiger has two years left on a three year deal, and earns £150,o00 a week, meaning that the club would have to pay the German £13.8m.

Such a fee, amazingly enough, approximately doubles what United initially paid Bayern Munich in order to sign the midfielder in 2015. Should this deal go through, the club would be literally paying Schweinsteiger to vacate Old Trafford. It is, above anything, an astonishing symbol of repudiation towards a player who, just one year ago, was a fans’ favourite.

United fans will feel embittered by the whole fiasco, and perhaps slightly disapproving of Mourinho’s decision to ostracise such a talented, well-renowned footballer.

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