Manchester United take Brazilian starlet Matheus Marcosi on trial

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United have handed 16-year-old Brazilian starlet Matheus Marcosi a trial ahead of a potential deal to sign the youngster.

The youngster, who plays for Desportivo Brasil, has visited Carrington on several occasions to demonstrate his worth to youth coaches.

According to the Mail Online, Marcosi will now undergo a trial in order to determine whether Man United will hand the youngster a contract.

Precious little is known about the 16-year-old, aside from the fact that he has demonstrated his worth in both defence and midfield. He is not what you would call a quintessentially Brazilian wonder-kid: there is little glamour to his game, and no real desire to showboat and demonstrate flair on the ball. By all accounts, Marcosi hallmarks his game with assurance and discipline – two attributes that will bode well for the Brazilian when it comes to holding down a place in any starting XI.

This trial is something of a life-changing moment for the youngster: one imagines that football has been his central passion, his life’s calling, for as long as he can remember, and he now faces the daunting prospect of discovering whether he has what it takes in order to make it at the highest level.

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