Memphis Depay doesn’t want to settle on the bench at Man United

by Sam Peoples

Memphis Depay has made it clear he doesn’t want to settle for a place on the bench at Manchester United even if it is his dream club.

In an interview with Metro Nieuws in Netherlands, Memphis spoke openly and honestly about his role under Jose Mourinho by admitting he won’t be happy if he can’t force his way into the starting XI.

“I am the same person and I know what I want,” he said.

“A supporting role is not for me. I’m not a player who is happy with the fact that he is under contract with Manchester United.

“This is my dream club, but I want to play.”

This is exactly what I want to hear from Memphis, a bit of a fight, because let’s be honest we’ve seen nothing more than whimpers on the pitch so far this season. For a player who arrived with so much promise, he’s effectively flatlined since and that’s been a huge disappointment for the fans and no doubt himself as well.

But all is not lost and it’s far from over for him but sooner rather than later he’s got to buck up his ideas and show the sort of form which made him a devastating player for PSV Eindhoven.

Is it simply a confidence issue or does Memphis have deeper lying problems? Whatever they are he needs to resolve them because he needs to play extremely well, and train hard, to turn Mourinho’s head. The good thing is he’ll get more opportunities this year but the questions will still be asked as to whether he’s capable of taking advantage of those. If he can, he could be a world beater.

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