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Ryan Giggs explains why he turned down Swansea manager role

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Giggs has spoken out about the Swansea job and insisted he didn’t feel the position was right for him due to a lack of ambition from the Welsh side.

Swansea appointed Bob Bradley and reports suggested Giggs was overlooked for the role but speaking on ITV Sport, Giggs offered a different view of events.

“I was enjoying a bit of travelling and I got a call off Swansea and I met them a couple of times,” he said.

“But in the end it was just mixed messages really from the football side and the ownership side of the club and I felt their ambitions didn’t really match mine so it didn’t quite work out.”

Fair enough to Ryan if he felt the project of Swansea didn’t match what he wanted at this point in his career but you have to question what his ambitions are if a Premier League club isn’t good enough for him. The objective would no doubt have been to avoid relegation and maybe that’s where the sticking point was but he’s got to start somewhere.

I suppose the failure of Gary Neville at Valencia goes to show that waiting for the right appointment rather than jumping in with the first one is the best thing to do and maybe that’s what Giggs is waiting for. Will that be in the Premier League? That remains to be seen but despite what was reported by Swansea, a difference in vision seems to be the main reason behind Giggs not getting the job.

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