Man United’s Jesse Lingard reacts to Marcus Rashford incident

by Tanveer Arayan

Jesse Lingard has reacted to the incident that took place between himself and Slovenia defender Aljaz Struna after the latter grabbed Marcus Rashford‘s neck.

A bad challenge from Gary Cahill led to tempers flaring between players, with various altercations ensuing as a result.

One altercation involved Struna grabbing Rashford by the neck, causing Lingard – who immediately lunged towards three Slovenian players – to react furiously.

Lingard, who was booked for his conduct, tweeted earlier: “Always got u bruh”.

If someone sticks up for you in the same way that Lingard sticks up for Rashford, you’re a lucky guy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is bromance in its purest, most distilled form. But it’s also more than that: it’s an illustration of football’s inherently tribal nature – often backgrounded by modern football’s strictly bureaucratic, commercial image.

But once you strip away everything superfluous that exists in the beautiful game – adverts, contracts, sponsorship deals, big, authoritative and *definitely* ethically consistent cooperations like FIFA – and observe what is left, you see a raw, almost wild kind of passion for game, a determination to stand alongside those wearing the same badge as you.

Pundits may sit there and go: “oh, now this is the sort of thing we don’t like to see,” but we all know that those moments of sheer primal aggression – as displayed by Lingard – are the moments we sometimes cherish the most.

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