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Jeremy Wilson: Jose Mourinho should be charged by FA for these comments

by Tanveer Arayan

Daily Telegraph’s Jeremy Wilson insists the FA should look into Jose Mourinho‘s comments about Anthony Taylor refereeing Manchester United’s clash with Liverpool.

The Portuguese boss described Taylor as a good referee but believes it’ll be difficult for him at Anfield.

Taylor is from Wythenshawe in Greater Manchester and supports Altrincham, but has no relation to either side playing at Anfield on Monday night.

Speaking about Mourinho’s comments, Wilson claimed he knew what he was doing when implying the referee could somehow be biased.

“The FA should look at what Mourinho said. I noticed in his remarks that he caveated it with ‘I won’t say too much because I’ll get charged’, but he knows exactly what the rules are,” he said.

“You’re not supposed to talk about referees before the game. After the game, you shouldn’t question their partiality. He got fined several times at Chelsea.

“You can say that the referee had a bad game or that he is useless, you just can’t imply that they’re somehow biased.

“You have to wonder that what Mourinho really wants to do is to create pressure on the referee and to influence what’s going to happen.

“It’s easy to not answer a question about the referee. It’s not that hard to avoid the FA sanction and I think Mourinho knows what he can and can’t say.

“We’re all newspaper people and get great headlines, but basically by answering the question Mourinho has three back pages about Taylor, which wouldn’t have happened if he dodged that question.”

Mourinho has been in trouble with the FA plenty of times during his reign at Chelsea and will know the rules when it comes down to it.

However, he’s a manager that likes to say it how it is, as we’ve witnessed him criticise the decisions of the referees on a few occasions already as Man United boss.

Whether he was trying to play mind games on Taylor or not remains to be seen, but Man United need to head into the Liverpool clash with nothing but three points on their mind.

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