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Gary Neville: Manchester United aren’t ready to win the Premier League

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United full-back Gary Neville believes Manchester United aren’t ready to win the Premier League this season.

Jose Mourinho‘s side currently sit in seventh place after eight games, five points behind leaders Manchester City and three points off fourth place.

Their most recent outing – a goalless draw at Anfield – drew mixed reviews, with some lauding Man United for their discipline and struggle, whilst others lambasted the visitors for their lack of attacking enterprise.

Speaking on Monday Night Football after the game, Neville expressed doubts over United’s title credentials this season.

“[The performance] Tells you a little bit about where United are at tonight,” Neville said.

“In Mourinho’s first year back at Chelsea he said they weren’t ready to win the league and I don’t think this Manchester United team are.

“I just think they’re not ready at this moment in time in terms of that next step, with the jump in quality that’s required and he might need one or two more transfer window.”

Yesterday’s performance was eerily reminiscent of Chelsea during the first season of Mourinho’s second spell in charge: a well organised, imposing structured, clearly built according to precise design, but ultimately lacking consistent firepower going forward.

This is because, much like with Chelsea during the 2013/14 campaign, Mourinho is still looking to unearth the┬áright formula for this group of players. Performances against Leicester City and Stoke, which saw United create innumerable chances, were signals of Mourinho’s men heading in the right direction.

A fixed – and most importantly settled – starting XI, with the right players fulfilling their stated functions, promises to inflict some serious damage. Whether such a side germinates this season in time for mounting a title challenge, however, remains to be seen.

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