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Alan Shearer: Paul Pogba has done nothing to justify his £89million transfer fee

by Leo Nieboer

Former Newcastle striker Alan Shearer believes Paul Pogba has done nothing to justify is his £89 million transfer fee since joining Manchester United in August.

The Frenchman, after four years with Juventus, returned to Old Trafford for a world record fee over the summer.

And aside from the occasional moment of true brilliance, Pogba has failed to fully impose himself on the Premier League – a notion magnified by his substandard performance against Chelsea last Sunday.

Writing in his weekly column for The Sun, Shearer lambasted Pogba for his lukewarm start to life at Man United

Paul Pogba is doing nothing to justify his £89million transfer fee,” Shearer said.

“He has been tried as a holding midfielder without much success and he is not looking any better as an attacking midfielder. He may end up showing why United were prepared to pay so much money for him — but when?”

It could be argued that the furious agenda surrounding the 23-year-old serves as a more scathing reflection on this country’s perception of footballers than on Pogba himself.

What is happening – and what will most likely continue to happen – to Pogba is nothing new. This is, after all, what the English public, both inside and outside the media, loves to do: we observe the arrival of a supposedly world-class player, arriving for a record sum of money, and elevate them far beyond their actual ability to a platform that, as a collective, we scrutinise, before tearing them down when they fail to reach our arbitrary, unreachable standards.

The midfielder will know to ignore the wall of noise; he has, after all, already displayed what he can do (albeit in glimpses), and his focus will be on consolidating that unquestionable brilliance in the coming months.

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