Man United fans disappointed with Marouane Fellaini’s performance against Chelsea

by Abhishek Chaudhuri

Marouane Fellaini left fans frustrated with another 45 minutes of dismal football as Manchester United were humbled by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

On a day where Man United were poor collectively, the Belgian managed to include his name amongst the worst performers on the pitch, forcing Jose Mourinho to take him off at half-time.

Fellaini, who is known to bring a lot of physicality into the game, was completely non-existent in midfield allowing Chelsea to take complete control of the game.

Here’s what fans on social media had to say about his performance.

Though Fellaini brings a new dimension to the team, his lack of consistency and quality has hurt United – and not for the first time.

The Belgian is a big force, and he may upset oppositions, but he his far from being a dominant box-to-box player, who can hold his own in big games and influence the play.

Losing 4-0 leaves United six points behind the league leaders, a deficit that is far from impossible to close down, however, it is the manner of those defeats that is the cause of worry. With other teams looking in sync, the pressure is now on United to bounce back and learn from their mistakes.

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