Jamie Carragher: Jose Mourinho needs a miracle at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes Jose Mourinho would need a miracle in order to win the Premier League with Manchester United this season.

Man United currently sit in eighth spot after ten games – eight points off leaders Manchester City and five points off fourth spot.

Mourinho’s side, despite excelling in the Europa League and League Cup, have encountered a notable drop in league form, managing just one goal in their last four Premier League outings.

Carragher, speaking on Sky Sports earlier this week, claimed Mourinho would need a miracle to win the league from this position.

“When he first came in he wasn’t talking about top four, he was talking about winning the league, and rightly so,” Carragher said.

“The players he bought were players to win the league. You don’t buy Ibrahimovic to think I’m building something for two or three years. You’re buying him for right now.

“The thing about United and specifically Mourinho is he normally always makes an impact when he comes in and the question has always been in year three. So we’re maybe talking about building something.

“I think for Manchester United they will be looking at top four and if they won the league from this position it would be a miraculous recovery.

“I think going forward there are a lot more questions about Mourinho himself as a manager and his effect and how long it’s taken to get across to his players.”

Even at such an early stage of the season, one feels as if eight points is something of an insurmountable chasm for a side still struggling to settle as a unit. The likes of Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool have all displayed signs of finding their groove, producing compact and powerful performances.

United, on the other hand, bear the resemblance of a side still finding its feet: occasionally brilliant, occasionally catastrophic, and generally quite unsettled on a psychological level.

Make no mistake: Mourinho’s men need to unearth a string of results immediately if they don’t want to completely lose sight of the already distant leading pack.

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