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MLS chairman Tom Penn confirms big interest in signing Wayne Rooney

by Leo Nieboer

Major League Soccer chairman Tom Penn has expressed a big interest in brining Wayne Rooney to Los Angeles FC in the future.

LA FC, set to join the MLS in 2018, are the latest expansion team to be created by an MLS board determined to bring high profile players to the United States.

It was revealed earlier this season that the Englishman, consigned to sporadic appearances at Manchester United, had attracted attention from both China and the U.S.

And according to Penn, Rooney sits at the top of the Los Angeles side’s list ahead of joining the MLS in 18 months time.

“We wouldn’t discuss specific players but we have spoken generally about the desire for a player of global stature,” he said.

“[But] Wayne Rooney is an example of the calibre of player we are looking to bring to LA FC.

“We are still 18 months away from our first MLS game, so we will see if players of Rooney’s status and reputation are interested.

“LA FC is a club with the ambition to match its surroundings, so it is important for us to attract players with a global reputation.

“He is one of 10 names we are looking at, but we are a long way from signing anybody up right now.”

Rooney has a chance to embrace a completely different landscape with this offer. He is no longer a central presence at Old Trafford; the days of this side being built around the 31-year-old’s attributes are over, and his current predicament at Man United almost feels awkward – as if his presence is only predicated by the fact that he is Rooney, the once great Rooney, now nothing more than a token substitute, a misplaced relic from the past trying and failing to find his place in this new-look United side.

Should he move to LA, however, the landscape would completely change: suddenly he will have the lead role; his name would receive the loudest cheer; the entire country, more engaged with the beautiful game than ever, would revere him.

I don’t know about you, but it feels like a no-brainer.

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