England manager Gareth Southgate speaks out about Wayne Rooney’s drunken antics

by Leo Nieboer

England caretaker manager Gareth Southgate has spoken out about Wayne Rooney‘s alleged drunken antics, quickly dismissing the reports as false.

It was reported that Rooney, following England’s win over Scotland last Friday, drunkenly gatecrashed a wedding reception, with one onlooker claiming that the 31-year-old’s drunken rampage was “not a pretty sight.”

Rooney was absent for England’s 2-2 draw with Spain on Tuesday night after sustaining a ‘minor injury’ against Scotland.

Southgate, speaking after the draw with Julen Lopetegui’s side, denied claims that his captain had too much to drink on Friday night.

“He picked up an injury in the game on Friday and couldn’t train on Sunday and that’s it,” said Southgate.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get the image of a violently drunk Rooney out of my head. Just imagine it: he’s sitting across the table, leaning forward, half-fixated and half-slumping, his eyes all red and out of focus but very much staring at you, and he’s rambling at you, his words slurring. “I used to play every week,” he says slowly, finishing the last of his Heineken, “and now – and now Mourinho prefers Marouane Fellaini over me, for God’s sake.”

All joking aside, one can’t imagine Rooney – an unfailingly dedicated, senior figure – making a fool of himself in such a way. This is a man who, despite his fading abilities on the pitch, still sets an example. Maybe he had a few drinks, but one imagines that these so-called ‘onlookers’ who described the Englishman as ‘s***faced’ merely did so to supplement a juicy tabloid headline.

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