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Louis van Gaal contacts Manchester United ahead of Arsenal clash

by Leo Nieboer

Louis van Gaal has sent an email to an unnamed Manchester United employee ahead of the side’s clash with Arsenal on Saturday afternoon.

The Dutchman was dismissed by the club in May after failing to secure Man United’s Champions League status for the following campaign, making room for Jose Mourinho, his former sidekick at Barcelona.

Arsenal’s visit to Old Trafford last season heralded a rare moment of joy for United fans, with Marcus Rashford – making his Premier League debut – netting an unforgettable brace during a 3-2 win.

And ahead of Saturday’s game, van Gaal, according to the Mail Online’s Jack Gaughan, emailed an employee at the club to enquire about the atmosphere of the changing room and how the players ‘are getting on’ under Mourinho.

Van Gaal’s random email to the club is exactly the same as when your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, who you haven’t spoken to for months, messages you out of the blue, asking awkward questions like: “how are you?”; “do you still think about me?”; “remember when we *insert relatively nice memory from your long-dead bond with this individual*” and so on.

The Dutchman’s email is somewhat timely. Think about it: pressure is on Mourinho and his men, Rashford – perhaps the only true legacy from the van Gaal era – is set to start up front against Arsenal on Saturday. What better time to email in and go: “hey, remember that time when *I* played Rashford up front? Be a shame if it didn’t turn out as well this time around, wouldn’t it?”

All joking aside, plaudits to van Gaal for checking in with his former club. One suspects that the Dutchman, sacked just days after delivering the FA Cup, would be somewhat bitter after how he was cast into the street (or, more accurately, his Portuguese villa) by Ed Woodward and Co.

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