Ian Wright slams FA for treatment of Jose Mourinho against West Ham

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has criticised the FA for their treatment of Jose Mourinho following the 53-year-old’s touchline antics during Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with West Ham United last Sunday.

Mourinho was sent to the stands after furiously kicking a water bottle whilst protesting a yellow card handed to Paul Pogba in the first-half.

The Portuguese will now reportedly receive a three-match ban from the FA after he was charged with improper conduct. He has until 6PM on Thursday to respond.

Wright, in his column for the Sun, expressed his support for Mourinho and condemned the FA.

“If Jose had booted the fourth official – and to be honest there must be plenty of managers who’ve felt like doing that – then fair enough,” he said.

“If he gave Jon Moss a torrent of abuse, manhandled him or whatever, then same again.

“But he didn’t. He kicked a water bottle, for God’s sake, in sheer frustration at what he felt was a wrong decision. A decision, ironically, that I feel the ref actually got right.

“But that’s the point. While the official was correct and Paul Pogba DID dive, there have been countless massively wrong calls this season.

“And that’s what the officials and the FA should be concentrating on, that’s where they should be clamping down, that’s where the focus should lie.

“At the moment the FA are all over the place, it’s ridiculous.”

It is no secret that Mourinho, ever since arriving in England back in 2004, has cultivated a reputation that precedes him. With Mourinho you don’t just get a football manager – like, say, Eddie Howe. You also get a personality. A character. A villain to some.

This is why such an innocuous action – I mean, he literally just kicked a water bottle, which is something Arsene Wenger and numerous other managers have done without being challenged – has received such a brutal reception. The charge comes too soon after Mourinho’s latest set of charges back in October, and the FA clearly have no reservations when it comes to making an example out of the 53-year-old.

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