Paul Pogba hits out at recent Manchester United claims

by Leo Nieboer

Paul Pogba has spoken out about recent accusations of disrespect towards his former club Juventus by insisting that the Old Lady has a special place in his heart.

The Frenchman completed a world record £89m move to Manchester United back in August after four years with Juventus.

Pogba was recently lambasted by some for claiming that Manchester, above anywhere else, was his true home, leading to some ardent Juventus fans expressing disapproval.

The 23-year-old took to social media to clarify a few things for those who had clearly got the wrong idea.

“I am very grateful and happy for the love, trust and opportunity Juventus gave me. They played a crucial role in making me the player I am today,” he said.

“In Juventus I developed and learned and I will always be thankful for that.

“I do not like or accept that my words are wrongly interpreted so let me be clear:

“Juventus has a special place in my heart, the tifosi, the club and the city. They made me feel at home, always supported me and are fantastic.

“At the same time, Manchester United is my childhood home and the club always had a special place in my heart. I will do my best to be successful here, make my club and fans proud of me and make my dreams come true.

“I am a positive person.

“Negative things are interpretations of negative people who clearly do not know who I am or what I am made of.”

“Everything can be distorted.

“A few days ago I was asked how I feel about the CITY of Manchester and not about clubs.

“One of the reasons why I chose to come to Manchester United is because it’s where I spent my childhood and it feels like going back home.

“Juventus is the most important club of my professional career so far. On the other hand, I am wiling to prove more and working for that here.”

Can you really blame Pogba for saying that Manchester – the place where he grew up, made friends and developed as footballer during his teenage years – feels like home? Juventus will, of course, always be an important aspect of his career, but they were merely a stepping stone, a particular chapter in his career that is now over.

On another note, perhaps it is telling that people are resorting to such a petty, ultimately insignificant matter when it comes to criticising Pogba. The Frenchman – leading the European table for successful passes in the final third, alongside emphatically topping the list for chances created and passes made at Man United – has slowly morphed into a composed, settled figure under Mourinho, and United fans will know that he will only continue to improve.

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