Dear West Ham, please take Marouane Fellaini on loan in January

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini. Mr. 100 appearances for Manchester United. The ever-present living relic of an unwanted David Moyes memory. Often the scapegoat, sometimes fairly and sometimes unfairly, it’s not wrong to say he’s unwanted by a large portion of fans.

So, when news came out on Tuesday night from The Telegraph’s Jason Burt that West Ham United wanted to sign Fellaini on loan, I’m not going to lie – I celebrated with a fist pump.

Now, whether or not you think it’s fair to celebrate the idea of one of your players being loaned out, I don’t really care because regardless of my personal feelings towards Fellaini, it’s painfully obvious he’s not good enough to be a United player and never was.

Had Ed Woodward and Moyes not been incompetent during that summer transfer window we may have signed Cesc Fabregas or Thiago Alcantara but instead we were left with Fellaini simply because Moyes thought it was a safe bet. Yet, somehow, Fellaini has been played by three consecutive United managers and racked up 100 appearances for the club which beggars belief.

Fellaini adds nothing to United at the moment. We’ve got better central midfielders, we’ve got power and height without him after a stellar summer and his lack of quality as an actual footballer, somebody who can actually pass the ball and play comfortably in possession, means he is a hinderance more than an asset. I just can’t fathom a reason why he ever plays for us any more.

His calamity against Everton wasn’t even much of a surprise to fans. As soon as he came on, fear overtook the mind. “Don’t do anything stupid Fellai….ah, right, too late.” You almost expected him to cock up, that’s the reputation he’s built for himself playing at United.

For that reason, I’d see it as a genuine boost for the squad if he joined West Ham in January. Sure, there were fleeting good performances and purple patches but he’s just not a United player, never will be and never should have been. End of discussion.

He’d suit West Ham a lot more. They’re crying out for a big target man with Andy Carroll permanently injured and I’m sure a lot of United fans will join us in our plea for Slaven Bilic to make it happen and sign Fellaini on loan in January, or permanently if he’s feeling extra generous.

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