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Jamie Carragher: Paul Pogba’s upturn in form is why Man United have performed so well

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes Paul Pogba‘s upturn in form has underpinned Manchester United’s recent winning run.

The Frenchman initially struggled to fully impose himself at Old Trafford after signing for a world-record £89m fee, leading to many questioning his astronomical price-tag.

However, ever since Mourinho’s decision to employ a midfield trio of Michael Carrick, Ander Herrera and Paul Pogba, the 23-year-old has begun to demonstrate his worth under Jose Mourinho.

And Carragher, speaking ahead of Man United’s game with Liverpool on Sunday, has claimed that United’s nine-game winning run has been underlined by Pogba’s growth in stature over the last month.

“I expect Manchester United to take the game to Liverpool and that’s one of the reasons why it should make a great game,” Carragher said.

“Things have moved on since the Anfield game. Mourinho knows his squad a lot better and has identified what he feels is his best team. He had a lot of new signings, including the most expensive of all in Paul Pogba and he has started to get more out of him.

“He has been outstanding in the last few weeks and if he plays well then it will affect the rest of the team. I’m still expecting more from him over the next few months and years, but you can now see why they spent all that money on him.

“Jose also seems much happier with his centre-back partnership and United seem to be a lot more settled and a lot more confident.”

The fact that Pogba, after an initial lapse, is now demonstrating his unquestionable brilliance in the middle of the park should come as no surprise to supporters.

After all, it was clear to both supporters and pundits, watching United struggle to find their shape, that Pogba would only begin to thrive once Mourinho settled on the right midfield combination. And with Carrick providing poise and Herrera adding some much needed tenacity, Pogba has a platform from which he can thrive and dominate at the heart of United’s midfield, and those around him are indeed benefiting as a result.

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