Jamie Carragher: Henrikh Mkhitaryan will be one of the top players in the Premier League

by Leo Nieboer

Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher believes that Henrikh Mkhitaryan will become one of the top players in the Premier League under Jose Mourinho.

The Armenian, who joined the club in July, endured a difficult start to life at Old Trafford and failed to make an appearance from September 10 to November 24.

However Mkhitaryan, since being handed a chance to impress by Mourinho, has dazzled the footballing world with several moments of sheer brilliance over the past few weeks.

And Carragher, speaking earlier this week, noted that the 27-year-old has what it takes to become a true great in the Premier League.

“It was unbelievable skill [Mkhitaryan’s scorpion kick against Sunderland],” he said.

“The brilliant thing about that goal was that Mkhitaryan was starting to show signs that he was ready to show everyone in the Premier League what he’s all about.

“That goal was showing he’s here and he’s arrived. That goal, in the next few years, we could be saying that was the real starting point for him going on to be one of the top players in the Premier League.”

Anybody who has laid eyes on Mkhitaryan this season will know that Mourinho has a truly special player at his disposal. The Armenian’s demeanour certainly adds to this: diminutive, quietly enigmatic, but almost sullen looking – a largely mysterious figure in many ways.

But then he picks up the ball, and suddenly it all makes sense. Mkhitaryan’s sheer technical bravado – that ability to somehow navigate away from a seemingly impossible situation and release an inch-perfect pass – supersedes any other member of this United side.

He also possesses that rare, strictly South American ability to actually run faster with the ball than without it, and opponents have found such a blessing hard to cope with this season. United fans will be curious to see how far Mkhitaryan’s spellbinding talent takes him in the Premier League.

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