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David de Gea reveals the reason behind Paul Pogba’s dip in form

by Leo Nieboer

David de Gea has shed light on the reason behind Paul Pogba‘s slight dip in form at Manchester United, making note of the difficulties that come with playing in a new country.

The Frenchman, after a tricky start to life at Old Trafford, demonstrated his worth during Man United’s nine-game winning run with a series of spellbinding performances in midfield.

However, his performance against Liverpool – hallmarked by failure to capitalise on a golden chance in the first half and a needless handball to gift Jurgen Klopp’s side a penalty in the first half – was widely derided by supporters and pundits.

And when asked whether Pogba was still acclimatising to life in England, the United goalkeeper said: “No. He’s a top player.

“He is really important for us. He’s great in midfield, good in the dressing room. He’s an amazing player.

“At the beginning when you don’t know the country, the players and the football it’s a bit difficult. But you have fight, train more and try to focus and have belief in yourself.

“At the beginning it was difficult for me. With new football, new players and a new language everything was hard. But I kept believing in myself and kept fighting.

“In this country, in any country, you can make mistake, we are humans. It is normal for goalkeeper and players to make mistakes.”

When you consider the environment Pogba entered back in August, you have to hand the Frenchman credit for how he handled the situation: a new league, a new manager, a new team, a new way of thinking, a midfield combination that was constantly changing, alongside the widespread scrutiny falling on both the shoulders of Pogba and the entire United side. This was, to say the least, a poisoned chalice.

But the 23-year-old, in spite of the many forces at play, still managed to demonstrate his brilliance in flashes and improved as the weeks went by, slowly morphing into the talent that even rival fans have to admire. He may have encountered a dip against Liverpool, but make no mistake: Pogba will be back to his usual indomitable self in no time.

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