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Jose Mourinho confirms Sergio Romero will start against Hull City

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has confirmed Sergio Romero will start in goal for Manchester United against Hull City on Thursday.

So long as there are no injuries, touch wood, the 29-year-old Argentinian will step in for David de Gea and Mourinho is happy for De Gea to take a small break and return to Spain to see his family if he wishes.

Anthony Martial enjoyed a weekend back in Paris which drew question marks from some critics but Mourinho explained why he was happy for his players to have small breaks.

“We don’t have many days off,” Mourinho said.

“I like to give the players some freedom to choose if they need a weekend off when they’re not selected so if, for him [Martial], it was better to go to Paris that’s completely fine for the weekend.

“If nothing happens in terms of injuries, I am going to play Romero and I’m going to leave, on the bench, Pereira. De Gea will be free if he wants to go to Spain and enjoy two days – I give the players this freedom of choice. So [there was] no problem at all with Anthony going to Paris.”

I’ve got to say that Romero has been very steady as a backup goalkeeper this season so far. There is still this unnerving fear he could be on the verge of making a huge mistake but up until this point, again touch wood, he’s been solid and hopefully that continues against Hull.

The positive is also that De Gea gets a bit of time to re-energise and who knows how much 48 hours off can revitalise certain individuals. It’s a part of man management which not every manager does but it must certainly go a long way to building a trusting relationship and mutual respect between the players and the manager when they empathise with the need for some down time occasionally.

Mourinho managed Mkhitaryan magnificently through a tough period to help him adapt to life in the Premier League and we’re reaping the rewards of that. It’s now going to be interesting to see if other fringe players at the moment, those who we expected more of this season, can start to turn the screw as well.

Update: It seems that Mourinho was actually referring to the Wigan Athletic game when discussing De Gea having time off rather than the Hull City game, so De Gea will more than likely not play this weekend. Apologies, we’ve misunderstood what match he was talking about.

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