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Jose Mourinho: Anthony Martial has to perform better

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has called on Anthony Martial to once again perform better and said he will start on the bench against Hull City.

Martial put in a strong performance in the second half of Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Wigan Athletic at the weekend by providing two assists and he also had a goal ruled out after Bastian Schweinsteiger‘s foot was judged to have been too high while battling for possession.

Despite that, Mourinho is still taking the hardline from Martial and effectively said he wanted even more from the Frenchman.

“He has done enough to get on the bench,” Mourinho said.

“He has to perform better than the others that are competing with him for the same positions. His position is where we have lots of options.”

This is very typical of Mourinho’s style of management. It’s a tough approach which can bring out the best of some players, look no further than Mkhitaryan, but there is a concern over his treatment of Martial among some fans.

You could argue that Martial did more than enough against Wigan to earn his place in the starting XI on the left wing. You could certainly argue there aren’t many, or any (potentially Marcus Rashford), better options to play out there than Martial. Yet, Mourinho sees it differently at the moment.

I think Mourinho is pushing Martial because he knows there is so much more to give. He wouldn’t be doing it if he didn’t feel Martial could become a better player as a consequence and that’s what we’ve got to trust as fans. Hopefully Martial can come off the bench and make an impact because with every game that passes well for Toto, his confidence will continue to grow.

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