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Marcus Rashford explains how important Zlatan Ibrahimovic is to Manchester United’s dressing room

by Sam Peoples

Marcus Rashford has singled out Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s mental approach to the game as the single most important and influential aspect of his presence at Manchester United.

Ibrahimovic has already scored 20 goals this season for Man United and brought a confidence with him from Paris St Germain that had definitely diminished in United’s dressing room slowly but surely since Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

Having been brought through last year by Louis van Gaal, Rashford is still raw and unpolished and having somebody like Zlatan around, especially in the dressing room, is something which is having a real impact on him.

Speaking to ManUtd.com, Rashford said: “I think it’s the way his mentality works. That is probably the biggest thing, not only for the young players but other players can take that from him as well.

“In fact, that is definitely the main thing. It’s good for the dressing room. Sometimes, if we’re down, he can pick us back up and, when we’re up, he keeps us up. Bringing in that type of player, it has been key.”

All United fans have been well aware of the lack of leaders in our dressing room in recent years and Rashford explaining how important Ibrahimovic is in that respect only makes him an even more important and impressive signing by Jose Mourinho.

We need more characters like Ibrahimovic in the squad because it’s integral to any successful squad to have the right blend of experience and youth. United had it when Fergie brought through the class of ’92 into the first-team and we need it for players like Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Rashford.

Mourinho has only had one summer but his United squad is looking significantly stronger and more together than Louis van Gaal and David Moyes’ were. With another transfer window under his belt, that will look even stronger and should put United in the perfect position to compete on all fronts.

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