Marouane Fellaini has trolled everybody over a new haircut…which didn’t exist

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini got tongues wagging on Tuesday when he posted a picture of himself at the hairdressers.

Was the big Belgian midfielder about to get rid of his now-trademark afro and go for something a bit more understated? It certainly looked like it.

Everybody jumped on the picture. ‘Fellaini shows off new haircut’ was the headline doing the rounds on Tuesday but needless to say it looks like they jumped the gun a bit.

Fellaini was pictured training with Manchester United ahead of Saturday’s game against Wigan Athletic and if anything his bouffant looked more bouncy and rounded than ever. Far from cut off, his afro was there in all of its glory.

Fair play Fellaini, that’s what you call a bit of successful trolling. Now, if you wouldn’t mind just staying on the bench for the rest of the season that would be mint.

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