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Marcos Rojo thanks Manchester United fans for their incredible support

by Tanveer Arayan

Marcos Rojo has credited Manchester United fans for their incredible support this season under Jose Mourinho.

The Argentinean experienced the passion of Man United’s faithful as he stood amongst travelling fans for last season’s 1-0 win at Anfield and again at Stoke in January.

Man United cam from behind to grab an equaliser against Stoke and Rojo claims the United fans have played a massive impact in driving the team on this campaign.

“When the team needs to go all out for the win in the last few minutes of a game, or we need to grab a late goal, it’s great for us to feel that support and you can sense that the opponents feel it too,” he said.

“When the fans really get going and are passionately driving us forward and cheering at full blast, you get the feeling that as we put the pressure on, the other team just appear to shrink a little in the face of all this. And you can tell that’s happening when you’re out there playing.

“I had the chance to be in the crowd at Liverpool and at Stoke and I really got to feel for myself just what the United supporters live through every week. It was really great to be in there and hear the passion they put into every song they sing and how they chant the players’ names.

“I had the opportunity to be right in among the fans at the ground to experience and see things for myself from a different angle, if you like, and it was a really cool experience.”

For fans spending money to travel around to watch the team they love in action, a simple gesture like Rojo standing with them in the away end is massive.

Man United supporters have been excellent at delivering their passion, and have often been praised for their presence as a twelfth player on the pitch, so it’s nice to hear him in good spirits while talking about the fans.

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