David May: Paul Pogba has to replicate Paul Scholes at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Paul Pogba has been advised to replicate Paul Scholes’ success at Manchester United by simplifying his game and cutting out fancy flicks.

Former Man United defender David May claims Pogba needs to improve himself as his poor performances are ruining his image as football’s most expensive player following his £86 million move from Juventus last summer.

He has failed to remain consistent this season and has been heavily criticised, especially for his decisions in the disappointing 1-1 draw with Bournemouth, which may have damaged United’s hopes for a Champions League qualification.

Speaking about the Frenchman, Pogba has been warned to improve his game and fast.

“Sometimes the easy ball is the best ball and if you look at Paul Scholes and how many times it was one touch it was incredible” he said.

“Then, as soon as the opposing midfield dropped off that’s when he would start doing things. He was one of the greatest midfielders England has ever created and you’d hope Paul would watch a few videos of Scholesy to see how he did it.

“Then he could quiet easily be that commanding midfielder player because he has got a fantastic engine in him and he creates – he has all these attributes.

“If I was playing alongside him I’d ask him to simplify his game. He tries too many little tricks.

“His passing ability is second to none as is his work-rate but he just needs to simplify everything and in time I am sure he will do.

“For me he plays best alongside Michael Carrick and at 23 years of age he should be running games.

“Everybody has seen he has the ability to do that but he is too inconsistent because he tries the little things instead of the easy ball.

“I just think he needs to simplify his game and stop his ‘big buy’ thinking. Get back to why he became the most expensive player in the world instead of trying to justify it.

“Play it simple and cut out the fancy flicks until you’re on top of your game then you can bully the opposition and do whatever you want to do.”

He’s often being unfairly criticised even if he has been performing well, as most expect him to be scoring goals each week, but his role is to orchestrate the play in the midfield which he does quite regularly.

It would be nice to see him perform on a more consistent basis but it’ll only come with time as the 23-year-old is only at the start of his Old Trafford career.

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