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Zlatan Ibrahimovic could earn £582,000 a week in the Chinese Super League – report

by Leo Nieboer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic could earn £582,000 a week (€677,000) if he moves to the Chinese Super League over the summer, according to reports.

The big Swede, who has already claimed 26 goals so far this season, signed for Manchester United in July on a one year contract with a one-year extension clause.

Zlatan has refused to confirm whether he will elect to remain at Old Trafford for another year, with some reports suggesting that the length of his stay in Manchester is contingent on whether Man United breach the top four this season.

And according to Transfer Market Web, the 35-year-old will have a lucrative offer from China waiting for him in the summer.

What do we, the footballing audience, know about Zlatan? What does everyone know about Zlatan? The answer, of course, is that he is a winner – a king-like icon that demands only the best wherever he goes, displaying an insatiable thirst for claiming the biggest trophies at major clubs. This is what everyone knows, even if they haven’t watched the Swede play on a regular basis.

His move to United was underpinned by this exact mindset. Nobody would have criticised Zlatan, 34 at the time, for moving further overseas to embrace semi-retirement and a big pay check following his departure from Paris Saint Germain, but this is not how the Swede operates: he only demands the biggest, most high-profile challenges, and that – with all due respect to the Chinese Super League – cannot be found in China.

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