Former LA Galaxy general manager speaks out about Zlatan Ibrahimovic interest

by Leo Nieboer

Former LA Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas believes that his former side could lure Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the United States in the future.

The Swede, who arrived at Old Trafford on a one-year contract over the summer, has claimed 26 goals in 40 appearances so far this season.

But remains unclear whether Ibrahimovic will elect to stay at Man United for another year as part of an extension clause on his contract, with some reports suggesting that a move to China could be on the cards come June.

Radio Five Live

And Lalas, the man responsible for luring David Beckham to the States in 2007, has told BBC Radio Five Live that LA Galaxy “have a chance” to sign Zlatan Ibrahomivic.

“I think they do have a chance,” he said. “And whether it’s this summer or maybe a year from now I still think there’s going to be interest.”

“There’s a lifestyle issue that is very, very attractive to people and the opportunity for him to come into this market in North America and just inject that Zlatan brand to a public that, while many soccer people know, the people outside of soccer maybe don’t know.

“And that can be very attractive to people that are concerned and cultivate a brand.”

Lalas’ description of Zlatan as a ‘brand’ perfectly explains why the 35-year-old chose the Premier League over Beverly Hills last summer. Football has never been about the money – the brand – for Zlatan; his focus will always remain on winning, winning and winning again, without relent, always at the very highest level.

LA Galaxy, for all their qualities, could never offer that. Perhaps one day – maybe a few years from now – Zlatan will get bored of conquering Europe and opts instead for a year or so on some glamorous beach. Maybe then a move to the States would happen. Right now, however, the Swede remains fully focused on claiming silverware under Mourinho, and supporters will hope that such a mentality carries on into next season.

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