Zlatan Ibrahimovic proves his leadership at Manchester United against Anderlecht

by Leo Nieboer

Zlatan Ibrahimovic demonstrated his leadership qualities during Manchester United’s first leg 1-1 draw with Anderlecht in the Europa League.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, with 36 minutes gone, has just put Man United in the lead, steering home after Marcus Rashford‘s explosive shot was parried.

His teammates promptly ran over to congratulate him, but Zlatan had a message for the whole side: “We need to do more, lads. We need to do more” he boomed.

Such a moment was, above anything, an illustration of the Swede’s bountiful experience at this level. Everybody else celebrated, but Zlatan knew that there was a long way to go – that, for all of United’s domination, they could do more.

Having this kind of voice on the pitch is invaluable: it reminds every player, young or old, to promptly return to the job at hand with optimum dedication and energy. This is exactly what Zlatan expects from both himself and those around him; he would have been fuming to see the visitors, after largely adhering to his message, drop their guard with just five minutes left to give Anderlecht a needless goal.

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