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Mikael Silvestre: Luke Shaw is over-thinking his full back role at Manchester United

by Leo Nieboer

Former Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre believes that Luke Shaw is overthinking his role at Old Trafford this season.

The 21-year-old was thrown into the spotlight earlier this month after Jose Mourinho noted that he was far behind other teammates in terms of work rate.

Shaw has responded by publicly making it clear that, following a private discussion with the Portuguese, he would do everything to fight for his place at Old Trafford.

But Silvestre, speaking to M.E.N, was quick to criticise the Englishman’s approach at Man United.

“I think he is over thinking. That’s his problem,” he said.

“United’s full backs are there to defend, obviously, but then it is about going forward, charging ahead and putting in good crosses in and helping your team build attacks.

“But Luke isn’t doing that any more. He is thinking twice about whether he should go or not. Should I stay, should I go? His mind is in turmoil.

“He should just go because the other guys are going to cover for him. His best attributes for me are when he is going forward and helping with the attack. In the last third he should be getting to the byline. That’s what Manchester United full backs do. He needs to get back to doing that without thinking about it.”

Shaw has always suffered from a kind of psychological impasse during times of intensity. Even before his double leg fracture, and especially during his first season at Old Trafford, there was always a sense of uncertainty about his approach – almost as if he was more scared of losing the ball than interested in advancing his side’s momentum on the pitch.

Gauging the mental complex of somebody else is never easy, but you can tell that – whatever it is – something in Shaw’s persona precludes him from producing his best on a regular basis. Anything less over the next month, however, and his predicament at Old Trafford would be precarious to say the least.

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