Luke Shaw discusses Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s knee injury against Anderlecht

by Leo Nieboer

Luke Shaw has revealed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was walking around the dressing room soon after picking up a knee injury during Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Anderlecht in the Europa League quarter-final.

The Swede, following a difficult game against the Belgian side, landed awkwardly on his knee on the stroke of full-time; a stretcher was called but he managed to limp off – albeit gingerly.

Jose Mourinho, speaking after the game, noted that the severity was yet to be determined but gloomily noted that the initial impression of Zlatan’s knock was far from positive.

But Shaw has noted that Ibrahimovic was “fine” in the aftermath and even walking around the dressing room.

I’m pretty sure that Zlatan could lose a limb and still walk around with that same kind of steely, half-God-half-man glare moments after. That’s just how he is.

But it is worth noting that mobility is not in any way tantamount with being injury free, of course. Many people who suffer long-term knee injuries often walk away straight afterwards, only to be out of action for the next nine months.

Now, reports actually suggest that is exactly the case with Ibrahimovic. Gianluca di Marzio says the Swedish striker has suffered a double ligament tear and will be out of action for eight to nine months.

Man United fans will just hope that, as their side embarks on a series of massive games, the big Swede is indeed available to be called upon but it really doesn’t look likely at this point.

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