Manchester United fans delighted with Herrera performance against Burnley

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans were notably delighted with Ander Herrera‘s performance during their side’s 2-0 win over Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday.

The Spaniard handed a rest during the win over Anderlecht on Thursday, was reintroduced to the starting XI by Jose Mourinho at Turf Moor.

And his energetic presence, accompanied by the physicality of Maroaune Fellaini and craft of Paul Pogba, was swiftly felt at the heart of a midfield battle that he managed to dominate from start to finish.

Supporters were quick to heap praise on what was another commanding performance from the 27-year-old.

Mourinho knew that the encounter with Sean Dyche’s side would serve as the perfect environment for Herrera to thrive. Burnley are a team stuck in 1971, somehow managing to stay afloat in the present day through virtue of sheer graft and physicality in the middle of the park: tactical fouls, long balls and just the same ‘Come on, Burnley!’ chant over and over again.

This is not the ideal environment for your modern midfielder, but it brought the best out of Herrera. He was simply everywhere, snapping sat the ankles of any claret shirt within a 20 metre radius and moving the ball forward with purpose. That sublime ball to Anthony Martial was indeed evocative of his ball to Marcus Rashford against Chelsea: a moment of pure class amidst the fury of another midfield conquest.

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