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Romelu Lukaku reacts to potential Manchester United transfer

by Tanveer Arayan

Romelu Lukaku has reacted to rumours surrounding a potential move to Manchester United over the summer.

It was reported earlier on in the season that Jose Mourinho was keeping a close eye on Lukaku, who has 25 goals this season, after the Belgian had a contract dispute with Everton.

Some reports have suggested that Ronald Koeman will demand £100m for the 23-year-old over the summer, with Wayne Rooney potentially going the other way.

Lukaku, in response, has vented his frustration at the constant noise surrounding his future predicament.

“Some media these days are annoying man,” he said.

“As long as I didn’t make a public statement about my situation please stay out of my business ok?”

Surely reading reports of a potential move away from Goodison Park is something Lukaku must have grown accustomed to over the years.

Footballers lead a privileged life, of course, a kind of existence most of us can only dream of, but one notable downside would be reading completely baseless reports surrounding your future, current situation, state of mind and relationship with the manager and seeing supporters in their thousands lap it up and form subsequent judgements that are, more often than not, totally unfounded. Yes, Donald, “Fake News!” is at it again, this time angering the Premier League’s top scorer.

But one cannot help but wonder if Lukaku, after another prolific season, would really opt for remaining at Everton when a multitude of big clubs move towards him over the summer. He may not want to hear this, but noise surrounding his future will only intensity as the summer approaches.

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