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Ander Herrera produces stellar display against Celta Vigo

by Leo Nieboer

Ander Herrera produced another indomitable midfield display as Manchester United reached the Europa League final with a 1-1 draw against Celta Vigo on Thursday night.

The Spaniard, one of the three players that featured against Arsenal over the weekend, battled exceptionally hard in the middle as Jose Mourinho‘s men held on to book a date with Ajax in Stockholm later this month.

A glance at Herrera’s numbers from the game provides a clear impression of just how heavily involved he was from start to finish against the Spanish side.

Nobody has dug deeper than the 27-year-old this season: he has put everything behind each lunge, interception, pass, crunching tackle and run this season, galvanising those around him as he does so.

And the game against Celta served as his biggest challenge yet. This was his 48th appearance of the season and, having featured on an almost non-stop basis since the international break, you can only imagine he was feeling the burn, especially as the visitors started to pour forward in numbers.

But he would not be defied. Herrera has spent all season battling his heart out in pursuit of a Champions League spot and you could tell the Spaniard wasn’t going to give up now. This would have been an immensely tough expedition, but he can now look towards placing himself at the centre of what promises to be a captivating Europa League final.

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