Ian Wright: Manchester United should not be paying Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s enormous wages

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright was not impressed with the fact that Manchester United have been paying millions for Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s goal bonuses this season.

He’s the club’s top goalscorer this campaign, racking up 28 goals in all competitions, earning a nomination for the PFA player of the year award in the process.

Many believed he wouldn’t be able to cope with the high intensity of football in England, but he was able to silence critics since his arrival at Old Trafford on a free transfer in the summer.

Speaking about the situation, Wright has slammed Mourinho for paying millions in goal bonuses on top of his £367,640 a week basic wage.

“When you’re talking about £367,000 a week and you’re buying someone like Zlatan for nothing else but scoring goals, and you’re paying him that, why are you giving him a goal bonus as well?” he asked.

“The only reason you’d put a goal bonus in there in the 70s and 80s is because you’re trying to get more money. These guys don’t need more money.”

He believes it’s a ludicrous amount of money as he’s earning more money every time he scores, on top of his already huge basic wages, but things have changed since Wright played for Arsenal.

It is an enormous amount, but United saved millions on a transfer fee and with Zlatan scoring goals each week whilst he wasn’t injured, it was a worthwhile investment.

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