Michael Carrick set for one-year Manchester United contract extension

by Sam Peoples

Michael Carrick is set to be offered a one-year contract extension at Manchester United by Jose Mourinho reports the BBC.

Carrick, 35, will be having his Man United testimonial this summer having been at the club for 11 years since joining in 2006 from Tottenham Hotspur but as his contract expired there were whispers he could retire.

However, it looks like Carrick could well be a United player for at least one more season with talks all pointing towards Carrick putting pen to paper.

Would it be a good thing for United? We’re lacking characters with experience of winning at the club so in that sense Carrick would be excellent to keep around but for the first time in his United career I’ve seen two sides to Carrick’s performances this year which does leave cause for concern.

Earlier this season Carrick was phenomenal. Whenever he was in the team, United won. Whenever he was missing, so was our midfield. Yet, if you look at the games against Swansea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur for example you’ll have seen matches which completely passed Carrick by. Typically he is always the player who aggressively passes forward with precision into spaces other players couldn’t find but he’s been particularly off colour towards the latter end of this season.

Is that simply down to fatigue? Maybe, he is 35 after all. I wouldn’t be against Carrick signing a new deal at all, in fact I think it would be a good thing but it would be a catastrophic move if his contract extension was the only move Mourinho made in terms of our defensive midfield. We are in desperate need of a top drawer player there so that Carrick can be used in the right games, not every game – that’s what would need to happen for a contract extension to make sense for United.

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