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Jose Mourinho furious with fixture congestion at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Jose Mourinho has been left furious by Manchester United’s fixture congestion this season, claiming the number of matches the side have had to play has been questionable.

Man United have been fighting for silverware on different fronts and the situation has only gotten worse as they’ve progressed through each competition, now playing for a chance to win the Europa League final just three days after playing the last game of the Premier League season against Crystal Palace.

The situation was not helped by the fact that the side suffered an injury crisis, with key first-team players ruled out of action, he was unable to rotate players and keep them fit to compete in different competitions.

Speaking about the problem, Mourinho was not impressed.

“The number of matches has been unbelievable but I know people like to lie, the reality is since January we’ve played 37 matches,” he said.

“We’ve played a complete Premier League season minus one match in the space of five months whilst suffering from five big injuries.”

“Teams shouldn’t play two European competitions in the same season. It is for teams like us who have been in since the start, we finished fifth and went to Europa League.

“I am not focused on the final, at this moment I am focused on the Sunday match, I would like us to fight for a result, I would like us to do what we did against Tottenham, Arsenal and Southampton where we fought for a result. We tried to win matches, we tried to get something positive out of it.

“No one likes to lose so I am still worried about that.

“Everybody goes to Stockholm. We have a few on crutches but everybody goes. We have a fantastic group of players, fantastic spirit since the beginning of the season. We spend more time travelling and in hotels than at home. We spend 140 days in hotels and that is only possible because of the spirit.

“Crutches for Young, Shaw and Zlatan but we all go together.”

It’s been a tough journey but the side are almost at the end as they face their most important fixture of the season in Stockholm against Ajax.

The Portuguese boss has already confirmed he’ll be playing youngsters against Crystal Palace to ensure his players are fit and hopes are they can achieve the main aim of Champions League football ahead of next season.

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