Antoine Griezmann takes snap with Manchester United fan out in Boston

by Sam Peoples

Antoine Griezmann is enjoying some down time away from football out in Boston watching the NBA play-offs but the football transfer chat is peaking after he took a snap with a Manchester United fan wearing this season’s away shirt.

Oh Griezmann, you tease. First you say it is 60% likely you’ll join United and then you pose with a Man United fan. It’s on.

The summer transfer rumour mill has arrived in earnest less than a day after winning the Europa League final. It happens every year, here’s hoping this Griezmann move is something which United can wrap up quickly if we are indeed going to sign him. Nobody wants another saga.

For those questioning whether the photo is genuine or not, here’s Griezmann showing he is in Boston and a little bit more detective work shows that Sullivan’s Tap, the name of the bar Griezmann is stood in front of, is in Boston as well.

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