Video: Zlatan Ibrahimovic playing football less than month after surgery on double ligament injury

by Sam Peoples

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is already playing football again less than a month after undergoing surgery on a double ligament injury.

Ibrahimovic uploaded a video of himself to his Instagram account kicking ball in a garden with the caption: “The touch will never disappear. Lions dont recover like humans.”

I mean…seriously? How is Ibrahimovic standing up, jogging on the spot and kicking a ball so soon after surgery? When I had a ligament injury and went under the knife I was bedbound for six weeks and told not to bear any weight. He really does seem to defy logic sometimes, this being one of those cases.

The initial prognosis for Ibrahimovic was that he had absolutely no chance of being back any time before November but judging by this video that may have been an over-exaggeration.

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