Manchester United fans delighted by prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans have reacted enthusiastically to the prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid this summer.

The Portuguese, who has claimed 406 goal in 394 games for Madrid, no longer wants to play in La Liga, according to sources at Sky Sports. 

He has previously entertained the idea of a return to Old Trafford and even recently admitted to missing English football.

And supporters have understandably reacted to news of a possible return with cautious excitement.

When you consider the fact that John Stones cost £50m and Paul Pogba, 23 at the time, £89m, the sum that United – or any club capable – would have to shell out for the 32-year-old falls outside the boundaries of comprehension: £150m? £200m? The GDP of Costa Rica?

The club that ends up buying Ronaldo will, no doubt, be participants in the most significant transfer of all time. Man United supporters will, however, have to ask themselves whether they could prefer securing Ronaldo’s services (probably only for a maximum of three of four seasons) over using the same funds for Ivan Perisic and Alvaro Morata.

A part of me would: Ronaldo is so much more than another addition to the squad; he is a world renowned – a god, really – icon who can, merely by being there, place all focus on Old Trafford next season.

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