Will Victor Lindelof be taking free-kick duties at Manchester United?

by Sam Peoples

Victor Lindelof has been brought in to Manchester United to strengthen our defence but he’s got something else up his sleeve which could be a bit special.

It’s not often you see a centre-back banging in a free-kick but Lindelof smashed in a brilliant one last year in the Portuguese League, the sort of rocket that a goalkeeper has no chance of stopping.

If you didn’t get to see it, here’s a video of the free-kick he scored:

In his first interview as a Man United player, Lindelof was asked if he’ll become United’s free-kick taker next season and he had this to say: “I’m not sure. Yeah, I’m quite good at them. If I get an opportunity to take a free-kick, I think I’ll be there!”

Will Lindelof end up being our David Luiz on free-kicks and smashing in a couple a season? When it comes to free-kicks which are a bit too far out for Paul Pogba to curl in, you could definitely see Lindelof stepping up.

Here’s hoping he can bang one in at the Etihad like Robin van Persie did in his debut season…

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