From Spain: Real Madrid surprised by Cristiano Ronaldo and won’t pay his tax fine

by Sam Peoples

Cristiano Ronaldo is always linked with a move away from Real Madrid every summer but the current situation feels a little bit different.

Ronaldo is accused of defrauding taxes in Spain to the princely sum of €15m but his reaction to that story has seen multiple outlets in Spain claim he wants to leave Real Madrid this summer because of it.

Now, COPE in Spain are claiming Real Madrid’s response hasn’t been a positive one and suggest the club is both surprised at Ronaldo’s decision to act how he has and has no intention of paying Ronaldo’s fine. However, I do think the latter point about whether they pay the fine or not is irrelevant, it’s the situation as a whole which is causing the issue.

Is Ronaldo annoyed he doesn’t have the support of Real Madrid in this situation? Something is amiss. Whether it is Ronaldo being angry at being accused of something he doesn’t feel he did or not we’ll find out as the story develops but there is clearly a chance he could leave this summer.

When David Moyes was manager, Ed Woodward spent all summer trying to sign Ronaldo, failed and we ended up with Marouane Fellaini on transfer deadline day. Things are different now though with Jose Mourinho in charge and United back on the rise again, so we’re certainly in a better position to bring him home. Now, with the reports of him actively wanting to leave, expect them to intensify.

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